VersionOne: Centralized Platform for Agile Product Lifecycle Management

Robert Holler, Director, CEO and Co-founder
As organizations today are mostly dependent on software to run their businesses, adopting Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) has become a crucial factor to accelerate efficiency and quality of business processes. To help enterprises obtain transparency in design and deployment of an application, Robert Holler, Director, CEO and Co-founder of VersionOne, developed a comprehensive agile life cycle management platform to simplify the process of software delivery. Being a specialist in product management and software development, Holler steers VersionOne to help organizations scale their agile initiatives faster, easier, and smarter with its agile methodologies and iterative processes. “Our enterprise-class agile platform enables our customers to increase business agility,” says Holler.

The firm follows and operates on ‘Agile Made Easier’ tagline, with an aim to offer a single, integrated tool for coordinating software delivery plans, priorities, and progress. VersionOne helps companies in customer engagement, planning, and tracking all aspects of software development for delivering productive software. Being an ALM service provider, VersionOne enables its users to manage and complete the phases of design, development, deployment, and ongoing enhancement for an agile software lifecycle management workflow across multiple teams, projects, and portfolios. “Over 50,000 teams, including more than 35 of the Fortune 100, have adopted our software development products,” notes Holler.

With the rise in the complexities in management within the software development arena, organizations are looking for adopting tools and services for keeping a track of all the stages of development. “Our Agile Project Management delivers improved software with a collaborative environment that mirrors agile development methods,” explains Holler.VersionOne’s unique agile planning software manages and provides an enterprise-level transparency and visibility, aiming towards continuous improvement. The firm plans and communicates customer strategies and cross-project initiatives by using the Kanban Board Software, a unified platform to manage every project to understand a bigger picture of the entire software lifecycle.
The company delivers several other services such as program management, project, and quality management for a smooth functioning of the entire software development process. “Our unique services allow users to develop new and innovative software, regardless of their geographical location, to easily and visually track the product testing process from initial to the end stage,” mentions Holler. Based in Alpharetta, GA, VersionOne helps customers in building an all-in-one software development value stream of agile project management, deployment automation, and orchestration in a single platform.

Our enterprise-class agile platform enables our customers to increase business agility

VersionOne stands ahead of the competition as it works on a single platform and monitor projects across software organizations of all sizes, unlike other ALM solution providers working across “one size fits all”. Serving several organizations, VersionOne with its flexible ALM platform helped Siemens Health Services to avoid an interrupting workflow. Siemens planned to comprehensively redesign its agile methodology by transitioning to a continuous flow approach from a time-boxed agile approach. In search of a suitable solution to achieve its goal, Siemens implemented VersionOne’s ALM platform and its comprehensive data mart and successfully raised the enterprise-level shift in Siemens’s agile development model. “We helped our customer to deploy Kanban across 40-50 teams around the globe through all management practices without disrupting the productivity,” says Holler.

As communication, collaboration, and task tracking has become a key aspect for a better software development, VersionOne missions at delivering comprehensive visibility to customers to effectively monitor the entire software delivery.


Alpharetta, GA

Robert Holler, Director, CEO and Co-founder

Provides comprehensive agile lifecycle management platform enabling companies envision and deliver better software