TechExcel:Improved ALM Solutions for Better Application Development

Tieren Zhou, Founder and Chief Software Architect
Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) provides enterprises a consistent and meaningful view of software development projects and work status. However, with the ever-changing business environment, software systems become complex and difficult to manage. In the absence of an ALM blueprint, companies lose control over their aging software. Furthermore, the lack of software progress visibility, inefficient communication, inconsistent delivery and quality, and changing client requirements result in low software productivity.TechExcel’s ALM solutions enable enterprises to focus on their strategic goals of product design, development, and testing by providing a collaborative and knowledge-centric environment.

With headquarters in Lafayette, CA, TechExcel through its end-to-end environment unifies the enterprise by bridging the gap between product development, service, and support. The company’s ALM DevSuite solutions are designed to manage hybrid projects as well as pure agile and traditional development projects. “DevSuite helps organizations transform their development processes, increasing both efficiency and overall product quality,” explains Tieren Zhou, Founder and CEO, TechExcel. The solution enables organizational collaboration for requirements management, product ideas and similar— empowering customers to drive development and testing. It also provides an innovative Microsoft Word integration module that enables teams to create a hierarchy of requirements from a Word document. The solution helps operations teams to track and manage project development, while guiding them to effectively plan, organize, and execute both agile and traditional practices. DevSuite includes DevSpec, DevTrack, Knowledgwise and other range of products.

While building better software and strong team interaction, TechExcel allows project managers to define, enforce, and monitor critical project-level milestones and workflows. Further, the company empowers implementation teams to choose the most appropriate methodology for their work, such as agile, waterfall, or a hybrid approach.
Important key tasks such as financial review, project status review, and milestone change approval meetings can be auto created to be successfully completed before a project is moved to its next milestone. Traditionally, project management relies on one large and complicated Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) to manage project planning and implementation activities. TechExcel however, takes a different approach—a project is divided into one management WBS and one or multiple implementation WBS. As a result, TechExcel manages the project’s lifecycle with a fully definable milestone status change and transition rules.

TechExcel through its integrated Devsuite solution has enabled many businesses to achieve their desired goals. In one instance, XDC, a global provider of digital cinema solutions in Europe, used Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and a limited web-based solution for test cases and testing internal application development. The organization needed a fully integrated solution for requirements, test cases, and incident management. Within three months of implementing TechExcel’s DevSuite, XDC’s ROI improved significantly. “Now, XDC has stronger testing methodologies and also better test management and a comprehensive analysis of all their projects,” says Zhou.

DevSuite helps organizations transform their development processes, increasing both efficiency and overall product quality

In order to provide improved services to its customers, Techexcel has enhanced DevSuite with features that make it simpler to use, while increasing the quality, agility, and efficiency of development lifecycle activities. “We are committed to support the success of our customers and the functionality of software applications. Introduction of the latest version of our ALM solution reinforces this commitment,” concludes Zhou.


Lafayette, CA

Tieren Zhou, Founder and Chief Software Architect

Provider of an integrated platform for project planning, defect tracking,designing and requirements and quality management.