CoreALM: ALM, Powered by SAP Solution Manager and ITIL Practices

Labinot Bytyqi, CEO
The concept of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) emerged as an essential apparatus, while business management processes continue to rely heavily on software development. In this scenario, enterprises must keep pace with innovations and seek new ways to couple ALM with third party technologies. Founded in the spirit of providing unrivaled client satisfaction, Rancho Cucamonga, CA headquartered CoreALM delivers ALM solutions powered by SAP Solution Manager and Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) practices. As a certified partner of SAP, CoreALM provides SAP users the expertise in implementation of ALM toolsets and processes, which this continues to grow in size and complexity. The company’s CEO, Labinot Bytyqi further dictates that, “CoreALM leverages SAP Solution Manager through its expertise to help users implement, configure, and adopt SAP ALM toolset.”

SAP Solution Manager assimilates best practices and methodologies to extend and compliment its capabilities to manage the entire spectrum of ALM for SAP and non-SAP solutions. Solution Manager is one of the most important and all encompassing tools needed to extract maximum value from a SAP solution environment. By integrating best of breed tools, CoreALM maximizes the client’s SAP investment while improving quality. Employing extensive range of SAP ALM tools, the company provides 11 core ALM processes to operate and optimize different phases of ALM from deploying technology to monitoring. In addition, the Business Process Operations of SAP Solution Manager provides the essential support elements to SAP customers. These elements incorporate the most valuable operations to ensure that the core business processes are running in consistent and dependable flowing structure while executing an organization’s requirements. Business and IT professionals within the organization can further track the progress of individual business operation in a graphical representation.

CoreALM’s comprehensive services cover Test Management tools that back organizations in overcoming risk, reduce cost, and improve reliability by automating the testing of business processes supported by SAP software. SAP End-to-End Test Management supports business operation by providing flexible and efficient testing methods, which improve quality, sustainability, and reliability of applications.
With extensive experience and knowledge of SAP modules, the company’s ‘team of testers’ utilize testing methodologies and tools such as HP Unified Functional Testing (UFT) and SAP Test Acceleration and Optimization. SAP ALM Mobility, one of the company’s core services as part of SAP support engagement, provides mobile apps for some of the functions of Solution Manager. Key functions like technical monitoring, change management, incident management are available for employees to have access to systems at anytime, and from anywhere. Bytyqi briefly sums that, “SAP increases collaboration between business processes and IT infrastructure.” Besides providing SAP functionality, SAP Solution Manager integrates other tools existing in an organization to ensure a comprehensive approach.

CoreALM leverages SAP Solution Manager through its expertise to help users implement, configure, and adopt SAP ALM toolset

Shedding light on the latest Solution manager 7.1, Bytyqi highlights one of the major improvements— SAP User Experience (UX). CoreALM’s user experience teams help SAP customers gain productivity, increase user adoption of SAP solutions, decrease user errors, and save training costs. Having had a decade long experience in this arena Bytyqi says, “Every new challenge in SAP Ecosystem enabled us to find a new opportunity to adopt more technology.” CoreALM is heading to roll out their innovation—a HD Emulsified Dashboard powered by UI5 which is currently being prototyped. This dashboard, as Bytyqi says will enable CIOs to have a pulse of the business. The company will continue to scale new heights in the future by delivering innovative products that support SAP customers.


Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Labinot Bytyqi, CEO

As a certified partner of SAP, CoreALM provides expertise in the implementation of SAP client’s ALM toolsets and processes