CollabNet: Agile Transformation for Collaborative Software Development

Flint Brenton, CEO
Though the disruption in technology platforms and architecture remains the biggest hindrance for software development, Application Lifecycle management (ALM) helps improve efficiency, collaboration, and organization agility. ALM often ensures that resource skills or capabilities are accurately matched to the requirements of each particular task. Flint Brenton, CEO of San Francisco, CA based CollabNet says, “With our ALM solutions, companies can bring together their departments and teams for enhancing productivity and speed to market, while reducing expenses and regulation risk.”

CollabNet imparts its solutions through its ALM and Source Code Management (SCM) products as well as provides agile consulting and training services. The firm caters to the need of organizations of all sizes for developing and deploying the software at a much faster rate. CollabNet’s TeamForge ALM, an integrated platform for ALM easily integrates any open source, commercial or in-house tool for efficacy. TeamForge’s ALM also enables an organization in customizing the templates for Agile and WaterFall planning. For Agile planning, CollabNet’s ScrumWorks Pro is a powerful planning tool that provides an organization with the options to view several projects on single dashboards that can be easily optimized. The agile reporting maintains a complete track record of the planning process by measuring agility to understand the time it will take to move from requirement to completion.

The various stages within the software development process are marked with unique names and versions to easily locate any fault in the process. Subversion is a software versioning and revision control system of CollabNet. With Subversion Edge, the entire process of installation and automatic updates of Subversion can be easily executed. The SubVersion Edge can be easily integrated with Git, a control, security and compliance solution for enterprises and TeamForge ALM to align with the benefits of agile development.

For smaller organization, CollabNet offers CloudForge, cloud hosted edition of Subversion, Git and TeamForge to meet scalability and security need of the clients. CloudForge supports several integrated development environment (IDE), build and agile tools for better integration. CollabNet provides ALM solutions as well as agile consulting and training services to help software industry develop and deploy industry best software and integrations.
CollabNet has its wide client base including finance, global, technology as well as healthcare. The firm recently helped an investment bank in achieving compliance through its ALM platform. The parent company of the investment bank wanted it to reach Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) level 3, a compliance followed by financial organization in software development. For this, the IT department of the bank built a software development and change management process, while keeping the existing agile practice used by other teams. The IT team used various components of CollabNet’s ALM platform like Subversion and project tracker to integrate and manage the phases of software development. Once the pilot phase was successful, the CollabNet solution was spread across the departments as a standard process. The bank obtained a simplified CMMI Level 3 compliance, reduced support cost, and improved the quality of software release after shifting to CollabNet’s ALM platform.

With our ALM solutions, companies can bring together their departments and teams for enhancing productivity and speed to market, while reducing expenses and regulation risk

The firm also provides consulting services for collaborative software development, enterprise agile transformation, and hybrid cloud adoption which is efficiently supported by the implementation and support team. CollabNet’s ALM platform has enabled various global software industries to improve their software delivery by decreasing cycle times, lowering expenses and adhering to compliance. At CollabNet, the entire focus is laid upon development practices and integration tools, while transforming software delivery into a much transparent, secure and cost-effective process.


San Francisco, CA

Flint Brenton, CEO

Provider of ALM products and services related to SCM, agility, and DevOps for software driven organizations to achieve enterprise agility