Apperian: Mobile Application Management Platform for an Agile and Secure App Deployment

Brian Day, CEO
For Brian Day, an avid sailor, navigating through industry changes and customer requirements is a lot like sailing a boat. “In the early days we were sailing upwind, selling our solutions to visionary companies. Today, practically every organization has realized the benefits of mobile apps and the importance of focusing on management and security at the app level. Inbound interest for our solution is blowing like a gale,” says Day, CEO, Apperian.

The company provides a mobile app lifecycle management (ALM, or also referred to as MAM or Mobile Application Management) platform, which secures, deploys, and manages apps through a one-stop solution.

Securing and managing mobile apps is different and more complicated than supporting traditional enterprise software. This is due to the rapid evolution of mobile operating systems, devices and apps while supporting user settings in environments where IT has less control, such as BYOD, contracted workers, franchisees, dealers, and other end points using non-corporate or unmanaged devices.

“We innovate to provide enterprise-grade security and management with consumer-like end user interfaces that drive the highest possible levels of secure app adoption,” says Day.

Having powered the deployment of more than 1.7 million mobile apps, Apperian is considered the heavyweight in the industry and offers the most feature-rich MAM platform available. Because Apperian was architected for the mobile industry, it provides a range of capabilities to make the management of mobile apps through their unique lifecycles straight forward for mobile app administrators.

Apperian’s customers span virtually every industry. One recent client was challenged by securely distributing a set of mobile apps to their dealers because they were unable to mandate use of their internal corporate device management system. By leveraging the Apperian platform, the client is able to apply security policies to its apps and deploy them to the thousands of users throughout their dealer network. This allows the customer to deliver critical mobile apps to users who need them in a fast and agile way, changing the way their dealers conduct business.

We innovate to provide enterprisegrade security and management with consumer-like end user interfaces that drive the highest possible levels of secure mobile application adoption

By delivering a consumer-like experience to end-users via its enterprise app store front-end, Apperian enables IT to manage the permutation of variables, which are unique to enterprise mobility deployments, while also driving app adoption. A customer’s mobile apps are brought under management through a five-step process. From on-boarding, inspection, protection, signing, to deployment, Apperian ensures that every app has the right level of security and management capabilities.

Without requiring code modifications to the app, the Apperian platform applies security and management policies in a few clicks. Customers can choose to apply pre-loaded policies or create their own. Available policies include encrypted data-at-rest, data wipe, enterprise SSO as well as copy-paste protection, self-updating apps, analytics, crash log reporting, and “in app” remote control.

A customer’s end-users find and install the apps through a customized and private enterprise app store. The back-end management console allows administrators to determine which users or groups of users will have access to particular apps. Administrators also have instant access to information about app usage metrics. Additionally, Apperian helps its customers monitor their app rollouts and assists them in devising strategies to drive app adoption.As Apperian evolves its platform, they are keen to remain the industry’s best-of-breed mobile application management provider.

“We are constantly innovating so we can deliver the most impactful app security and management capabilities that drive wide-scale adoption of mobile apps in the enterprise,” concludes Day.


Boston, MA

Brian Day, CEO

A mobile ALM platform which deploys manages and secures applications.

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