Adaptavist: Strategy and Implementation for the Complete Application Lifecycle

Simon Haighton-Williams, CEO
Simon Haighton-Williams, CEO, Adaptavist, is also a passionate photographer and scuba diver who believes that scuba diving is all about trust in the people you’re with. “You see a whole other world of complex systems and interactions. It’s right there in front of you but you have a completely different perspective when you’re outside it,” he says. Haighton- Williams has built a team at Adaptavist who are skilled at working effectively, switching between big picture and intricate detail. Adaptavist, established in 2005, offers a range of services to help the world’s most complex organizations optimize their application lifecycle–professional services, training, software products and managed services. They are one of the largest Atlassian partners in the world.

Having worked with many Fortune 500 companies and complex organizations, Adaptavist is ideally-placed to help clients understand their ALM processes from start to finish. It is renowned as the go-to Atlassian Expert and the company’s complete Application Lifecycle Management (CALM) approach enables enterprises to design, deliver and support their applications effectively. The framework not only enables organizations to realize the full value of their applications but also provides visibility, predictability and control to refine the client’s processes. By developing a process to create, manage, curate, and develop applications, Adaptavist creates a unique approach to structure the client’s thought process and evaluate their planning around ALM. “Our consultants use the CALM approach while engaging with clients—to plan their activities over multiple engagements. This can be used as a mechanism for analyzing the maturity of your ALM, or can simply be a way of framing discussions,” explains Haighton-Williams.

“We can help clients with the whole process—from complete outsource to a coaching role where we help with the organization’s tool and processes,” adds Haighton-Williams. Focused on helping companies gain maximum value from their investment in Atlassian tools, the company has helped over 5500 organizations worldwide to improve their application lifecycle and deliver better software. Formula One motor racing team Sahara Force India has recently partnered with Adaptavist to benefit from Atlassian’s technically-advanced solutions. Adaptavist’s experience and knowledge of issue-tracking, code management and optimization of the application lifecycle will be immensely valuable to the team, who use Atlassian’s software to help continually improve their cars race after race. Working with Adaptavist will also boost the team’s ability to find, share and collaborate with their information.

Most companies have decent tools and practices, the real challenge is finding people with both technical excellence and business experience who can help improve the process as a whole

Adaptavist has a long established suite of products that extend and automate Atlassian software. ScriptRunner is a powerful scripting engine plus a collection of ready-to-use workflow and JQL functions for JIRA. “ScriptRunner gives you the freedom and flexibility to expand, integrate, and automate JIRA and Stash,” affirms Haighton-Williams.

“It also brings control and management capabilities to Stash that make Git more at home in the Enterprise. You can set permissions for existing and future projects and repositories as well as enforcing policies, naming conventions, review processes and so forth. We see it as bringing a civilizing influence into the endless possibilities for Git.”

Going forward, Haighton-Williams sees an increasing focus in the automation and DevOps space. The ability to automate the deployment of ALM tools will empower developers and help to make IT more proactive. “There’s great deal of technology work required to make this a reality. Our primary challenge is in finding the caliber of people who add to what we have as an organization,” says Haighton-Williams.

“Most companies have decent tools and working practices, the real challenge is finding people with both technical excellence and business experience who can help them improve the process as a whole. Like our clients, our continued success depends on meeting this challenge.”


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Simon Haighton-Williams, CEO

ALM Solutions provider and integrator, helping the most complex, global organization. The world's leading Atlassian partner and creator of the most popular JIRA and Confluence add-ons.