20 Most Promising ALM Technology Providers - 2015

Today, most businesses rely heavily on high quality apps to reduce unwanted expenses, streamline their mission critical activities and reach out to a wider customer base. Consequently, application development teams are burning the candle at both ends to cope with the increased requisite for providing resourceful applications on time. In such a scenario, having a good Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solution is obligatory to manage and develop these multifaceted apps.

Over the years, the concept of ALM has drastically improved and it currently offers numerous functions such as real-time collaboration, application-specific visibility, and enhanced task monitoring. The recent trends that mark the initiation of advanced ALM solutions include integrated ALM suites, cloudbased software management, Application Programming Interface (API) testing, mobile application testing, and agile development methods. Utilizing these features, companies can efficiently accomplish difficult tasks and increase their productivity. As a result, CIO’s are constantly in a pursuit of enhanced performance management and control suites that provide the required visibility for managing applications adroitly throughout their lifecycle.

In the last few months, we have looked at hundreds of ALM solution providers and shortlisted the ones that are at the forefront of tackling the challenges. In our selection we have looked at the vendor's capability to fulfill the need for creating improved software through well-organized ALM suites. Also, we evaluated the vendors support through the integration of latest technologies into their system.

We present to you CIOReview's 20 Most Promising ALM Technology Solution Providers of 2015.

    Top Application Lifecycle Management Companies

  • 1

    ALM Solutions provider and integrator, helping the most complex, global organization. The world's leading Atlassian partner and creator of the most popular JIRA and Confluence add-ons.

  • 2

    A mobile ALM platform which deploys manages and secures applications.

  • 3

    Provides Application Management, Projects and on-demand consulting

  • 4

    Bluewolf ALM provides customers the ability to work in sync with one another and across business divisions to manage the complex governance processes in one place

  • 5

    Helps customers succeed in a futurewhere every business — from apparel to energy — is being rewritten by software.

  • 6

    Creates on-premises and hosted lifecycle management, release orchestration and DevOps automation tools that help enterprises integrate and accelerate all aspects of the production of software.

  • 7

    Provider of ALM products and services related to SCM, agility, and DevOps for software driven organizations to achieve enterprise agility

  • 8

    As a certified partner of SAP, CoreALM provides expertise in the implementation of SAP client’s ALM toolsets and processes

  • 9

    Providing organizations with end-to-end customized solutions in ALM domain that meet the firm’s requirements in a cost-effective way

  • 10

    An ALM solution provider that enables agile IT processes by effectively managing a firm’s software development lifecycle

  • 11

    Provider of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solutions that enable creation of applications in a synchronized tools environment

  • 12

    Nebbia Technology partners with organizations to create software products that leverage Microsoft technologies while applying best practices in Application Lifecycle Management

  • 13

    Noser Engineering AG provides information technology consulting, solutions and services since more than 30 years to local, European and multinational companies.

  • 14

    Provides Business Information and Analytics, Application Development and Compliance to enterprises

  • 15

    Provider of fully integrated web-based life cycle management system.

  • 16

    Provider of an integrated platform for project planning, defect tracking,designing and requirements and quality management.

  • 17

    Official Temenos complementary solution provider, who’s powerful ALM Automation Suite of vendor specific software tools, automates the change, test and release lifecycle of Temenos T24.

  • 18

    TurnKey Solutions provides scriptless test automation for Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) platform into a highly dynamic, easy-to-use and cost-effective solution.

  • 19

    Tx3 Services provides Life Sciences industry-specific services and solutions focused on leveraging technology and proven methodologies to enable our clients to meet regulatory requirements in a more efficient and cost effective manner

  • 20

    Provides comprehensive agile lifecycle management platform enabling companies envision and deliver better software